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Flipping through my own Facebook feed, I saw many fellow colleagues demonstrating what they thought was going to be uplifting and inspiring images of themselves flipping tires, doing single leg deadlifts on the wrong side of a Bosu ball with heavy weight, pull up challenges, or setting a timer for like as many reps as possible in a minute of Burpee’s– things like that. I’m sure that spoke to their folks but I’m not their folks. That stuff doesn’t speak to me and I’m a Personal Trainer. That stuff makes me just want to hang out on the couch eating a bunch of chips. Iif I had to do that stuff for an hour a day, that would not be a life with living.  I want to fill you in on a little secret… you don’t have to do that kind of workout to get fit!  You don’t have to be miserable.  You don’t have to go on a restrictive diet, and you don’t have to do a bunch of really boring routines, or dangerously strenuous athletic feats to get fit.

I have 10 years of experience as a personal trainer and have a different kind of solution for you. You have already heard about my fun safe and effective workout classes that help women go from being the kind a lady who doesn’t like to work out to someone who doesn’t want to miss a workout because its fun and they feel stronger and energized, but I have something new that I’m excited to tell you about.More than a workout class, it is actually a total body transformation. It’s the whole deal.

This VIP Signature Membership is for you if you can’t get yourself to work out, you can’t work out regularly, you don’t stick to a program, or you tried joining a gym and working out with some trainer who yelled at you and made you feel bad and you are ready for something different. 

This VIP Signature Membership  includes a program design specific to your needs goals and to work around your injuries. You are going to finally going to learn how much cardio,  how often, and how intense to get you results without being miserable,  You’re going to finally learn how much resistance training, what type of resistance training, how often, and how intense, what modalities are going to work for you. Actually enjoying it means you will actually stick with it and you’re going to get those results without restrictive dieting, boring workouts or super athletic feats. Besides, how many times do we see that the exercises given by some trainers might be right for the trainer who offered it but not right for you and your goals and your body and your history and your likes and dislikes?!? Enough.

Fact is most folks quit a new exercise routine in three weeks because there’s no real accountability. In this program you get access to me, your Trainer. You can call me, text me and ask me your questions and get encouragement and guidance.  Also you have group support of other committed ladies who are there to cheer you on. 

You also get the Atomic Habits seminar included (a $100 value) which teaches you the mindset and skills to make healthy habits that stick. You are going to  learn good form that you will take with you for life in any class anywhere that you ever take and  you’re going to get a natural high. When that natural high kicks in, it’s going to keep you craving those results and those feelings are gonna keep you committed. 

So if you have a looked in the mirror and you’ve been disappointed. If you feel sluggish. If you started and stopped exercise programs before or never really started– this programs is for you. if you have negative tapes playing in your brain, we can change those tapes one work out at a time. Did you try diets and gym memberships and the frustration of trying to figure it out on your own? Were you overwhelmed with so many options that three months ago you thought you would make a change but you’re in the same place right now as three months ago and nothing has changed?

You are worth it and I will help you. I’m going to give you the skills, the coaching,  the community, the accountabilty, and the mindset with the one on ones and the atomic habits seminar and the tools all the classes both live and recorded that you already paid for so you know you have to show up. Show up, do the work, get results.

With the coaching, you’re gonna find your WHY. Maybe your why is to look better, to feel stronger. Maybe there’s another why that you don’t even want to admit to yourself because you’re ashamed of it but it’s meaningful to you? We’re gonna find out. Maybe it’s to be able to chase your kids or your grandkids without being so breathless. To kick cancer’s butt?  Maybe its just to feel better and accomplish something you set your mind to. Maybe you want to have a better mood so you can get along better with the people at home that love you. It’s really time for measurable transformation.

Look at what some of my clients have said after training with me. (You’ll see their complete testimonials on getfitwithKayla.com) 

Sarah Barrett says, “I’ve gotten stronger in the time that I’ve worked out with her and I’ve noticed a difference in the shape of my body. Kayla always challenges me to push harder but knows my limits as well. Kayla sometimes acts a little goofy and that allows me to feel more free, less worried about anything.”

Bracha Magid says, “ I never thought I could get this far and it’s all thanks to you! ..You’ve not only helped me feel good about myself but you’ve given me skills to keep going on my own.”

Runya wagner says, “She creates a warm atmosphere snd makes you feel comfortable any level that you’re on. Kayla personalizes your program to fit each person‘s individual needs. Just after a few weeks I feel stronger and healthier.”

Elizabeth Gottlieb says, “Thank you for helping me get to a place of I can do this.”

So what is it going to cost you to not join the VIP signature membership? Will you be in the same place three months from now? Will you still be contemplating maybe taking up a fitness class but not hitting play because that class doesn’t feel like playing?  Fitness is play time for grown-ups! Are you going to be three months closer to your goals of feeling better, stronger, more confident, having more energy, maybe moving away from health risks. Maybe not taking medication? 

This is an investment is a commitment. It is not just a bunch of fun classes. It is a total body transformation and that doesn’t happen after a one hour class. And it doesn’t happen after just 10 sessions. This membership program is for a select group of ladies who are ready to get signature classes, signature coaching, and have a signature personalized result of that is measurable at the end of our hopefully at least three months of working together. 

Whether you want to have more energy and finally break through and become a regular exerciser we’re going to measure your energy level your stamina your strength your flexibility and get tangible results. That’s my commitment to you. But I cannot do the work for you. You have to show up do the work. 

You know why am so sure that I can get you results? Because I did it. So I can show you how. I was skinny fat. I was 33% body fat and my cholesterol was so high that the Doctor wanted to put me on a statin drug. He asked me what I did for exercise and I told him the truth.. ( this was many years ago, before I became a trainer)  and I told him I had two kids 14 1/2 months apart. I chase toddlers. All day, every day.  He said it wasn’t enough. It was activity and  it was exhausting but it wasn’t exercise that was getting me results in terms of a lower cholesterol level and lower body fat that was going to stop putting me at risk. Even though I was wearing a size 12 and I don’t think anybody knew that I wasn’t healthy but I wasn’t. I did what any responsible new Mommy would do and  I walked over to the gym I put down my credit card and I joined and I showed up. I showed up four or five days a week for an hour each time and worked my butt off.  I went back to the doctor and, you know what? No. Nothing. I hadn’t changed size there was a little movement in the numbers but it just wasn’t enough. So I hired a trainer. After six weeks following the simple tweaks she gave me to work out smarter not harder, I lost 10 pounds and I dropped my cholesterol by 13 points. Then I realized I could do her job and I can do her job better. 

See, she gave me the point in the right direction- how much and how intense but I felt like I wanted to know more and asking her questions might be a bother.  A sense of humor helps. Maybe even a decent soundtrack. A trainer should show you that special personal trainer love that pushes you just the right amount (not like a drill sergeant) but also teaches you to learn to love yourself in the right way.  I also think women don’t necessarily need their trainer to be their best bud but they should get you, and you should feel comfortable with the trainer.

I got you. I am not sending you work outs in a tank top and short shorts where you’re embarrassed to have tour husband or sons come in the room.  I get your holidays and all the messages out food and mixed messages about working out that we get in our community and our culture. The other ladies in the group also will get you and you will not be alone on your journey.

 If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and if you are ready to decrease the risk of diseases like stroke and heart disease and diabetes, its time to make this investment in yourself. Can you envision what your quality of life would be if you would have the energy,  good mood, strength, flexibility and stamina and know deep inside that you deserve to feel good in your body? I’m going to leave a link so you can join this special signature VIP membership program http://www.getfitwithkayla.as.me

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