Client Testimonials

Miriam Razi (September 2022)
Before starting the class with Kayla, I spoke with her over the phone regarding my personal fitness goals and the health challenges that I face. She was able to assure me that her classes can help, particularly with core, which is the area that I needed to focus on. Also, she guided me as to what other resources, besides her training, would help me reach my goals. Through her guidance I was able to get a great book on nutrition to help change my eating habits (she was able to highlight what factors I should start integrating right away) and get a referral to a pelvic floor PT. All this took place before even joining the class. Once I did join, I was impressed with her positive attitude and her encouragement. She played on my strengths and helped make accommodations for the areas I found challenging. Each class was better than the next and I saw results. I have worked with other trainers in the past, but very few have the credentials, the patience, and the motivating attitude that Kayla brings to the table.

Miriam Frimerman (September 2022)
I like how she gives options for everyone to make each exercise easier or harder….and I like her jokes, Jewish leibedik music, and that we can exercise in a tznius (modest) setting with other frum (religious) women. I like also how she mixes cardio in with weights and stretches.

Sunny Razi (September 2022)
I like the motivational statements and exercise choices very much, not intimidating and very positive attitude. You feel more encouraged to do your best. I definitely recommend Kayla’s cardio-sculpt class to all women who want to feel better about their mind and body. This class really exceeded my expectations.

Nechamie (September 2022)
Kayla, thank you for a great workout. Your classes were pleasant, upbeat, and challenging. I appreciated that you kept the exercises similar from one week to the next so I had the best chance of being able to do them as apposed to having to learn how to do new exercises each week and losing momentum. The exercises were diverse and targeted many important muscle groups. You found time to reach each of us over the course of the class and your smile and good vibes made the class an enjoyable experience.

OBK (June 2022)
It was such a relief to finally work with a trainer that understands my situation and cared to help me find a solution. Kayla knew what she was doing and that made me feel I was in good hands. I recommend Kayla to those who are serious about creating a healthy lifestyle and getting fit the right way.

Kaly T (April 2022)
My first session with Kayla was amazing! She tailors the workouts to what you want and what you need. My workout with her incorporated moves I didn’t even know I could do. It focused on my cardio while also strengthening my muscles. I was tired but I felt amazing afterwards. Thank you Kayla for getting me back into working out!

PN  (August 2021)
There aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful my experience with Kayla has been! I initially reached out to Kayla in 2012 after having my second child. I was out of shape, felt puffy and sluggish and I was in way over my head. Cue Kayla- she stepped in and took charge in the best way possible. She helped me come up with a healthy, balanced food plan that took into account all my individual health issues. She then tackled the exercise portion of the plan. We worked together multiple times a week for months until I not only reached my “goal” but surpassed it! I think the thing that speaks louder than any words about her is the fact that 9 years and 2 babies later I’m still actively working out with Kayla. I entrusted her with my body through pregnancy, post partum and beyond. She’s knowledgeable, encouraging, honest and just super fun to work out with! I feel grateful to have been lucky enough to find her and hold on to her!

Shoshana B.  (June 2020)
Usually when I do yoga I feel this is boring I’m not doing anything, but when its a good class, I feel good afterwards, and I feel wonderful! I hope to keep this class up over the summer. I struggle with anxiety especially over these last few months. I find that movement is the key to everything and so when I move I feel better and your voice is really good. I can’t just practice with just any teacher and your voice is calming. I can’t wait to see you next week. I’m shocked there should be a lot of people here. Anyone can teach someone to do something but you have a gift a certain spark.

Adinah Sher  (April 2020)
Kayla is an excellent teacher/trainer. She is warm and personable. She listened to my individual needs and tailored the class accordingly. I got a great workout. I highly recommend her fitness classes.

Sarah Barrett  (March 2020)
I took a virtual kick Abs class this morning with Kayla and felt SO MUCH BETTER after! I used to take her class at the gym when we lived in Studio City, but this was so much better. It allowed me to punch out some aggression and sweat and feel almost human again!!! She’s going to try to do classes on FaceTime or Zoom. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Beryl Mendelson (November 2019)
Kayla is a fantastic trainer – really fun and knowledgeable and very reasonable rates. The time goes by so fast but you feel like you had a great workout when you’re done!!! Recommend highly.

Dana Daurey (July 2, 2019)
I took Kaylas class this morning. I LOVED iT! She is SO bright, and sweet, and relatable, and I LOVED her Energy. I had an incredible work out, and it went by so quickly. I am very sensitive to energy, and hers is all positive which made the class FUN! THANKS Kayla!!! So happy I discovered you!

Bracha Magid (April 2019)
Thank you so much for 10 incredible sessions! Your positivity, care and devotion really helped me progress. I never thought I could get this far and it’s all thanks to you! Your knowing when to push me even when I didn’t think I could do it just goes to show your expertise in every detail of my personal training. Thank you for always being so flexible with scheduling. You’ve not only helped me feel good about myself but you’ve given me skills to keep going on my own. I really enjoyed every session and I wish I could continue! I hope other people can benefit from your training as much as I have!

Alexandra Blaker (November 2018)
Kayla is a fabulous coach. Her kind demeanor and clear communication create a warm, positive, encouraging atmosphere. Kayla has a fantastic set of up-beat, fun music to work out to. Her knowledge of physiology and body alignment is evident as Kayla instructs students to focus on ways to move more safely and effectively. Kayla’s workout is a wonderful balance of weights and cardio. I feel great after her classes!

Silva mays  (August 2018)
I love going to Kayla’s body blast and kickboxing class at Total Woman in Studio City. She is very detailed and encouraging and most importantly I have gained strength and endurance by regularly attending her classes. She also has great sense of humor which gives the class light atmosphere and makes working out extra fun. One of my favorite trainers by far.

Runya Wagner (February 2017)
I really enjoy Kayla’s classes- she creates a warm atmosphere and makes you feel comfortable at any level you are on. She tailor makes and personalizes her program to fit each person’s individual needs. After just a few weeks I feel stronger and healthier and can’t thank her enough.

Sarah Barrett (February 2017):
I love taking classes with Kayla. I have gotten stronger in the time that I have worked with her and noticed a difference in the shape of my body…not just weight loss, but muscle that wasn’t there before. Kayla always challenges me to push harder, but respects my limitations as well. It’s a fine line and she doesn’t cross it. Her body blast class is one of my favorites. It’s building muscle and cardio and while I sometimes feel achey after class (and even the next day), it’s a GOOD achey. I know that I am changing my body and it feels great! Kayla genuinely has fun during her classes, and sometimes acts a little goofy. I appreciate that! It allows me to feel more free and not be so worried about anything.

Elizabeth Gottlieb (January 2017):
Hi Kayla – I wanted to thank you so much for an amazing workout session. I came in with low expectations and zero motivation and you turned my entire desire to workout and change my habits in one session. Your warmth, understanding and knowledge really gave me a different perspective on exercise and showing my body love. Thank you for giving me strategies to do at home and the encouragement to keep going. Thank you for helping me get to a place of I can do this.

Kirk Canning (February 2016):
After a knee and lower back surgery, I needed to get back to exercising and getting in shape. I dragged myself to the gym and did my usual cardio routine and lifted a few weights, wasn’t cutting it. I am a creature of habit, and don’t have time to come up with a different workout every time. I knew I needed a good trainer with knowledge of the body to help motivate me to workout harder, but effectively, and not hurt myself. I am so glad I found Kayla—she is an amazing trainer with a great, positive attitude! She always has her notepad with notes on our workouts and progress. She makes me WANT to go work out! Thank you Kayla!

Revi Mendelsohn (December 2015):

Kayla is the BEST trainer I have come across in LA.  She customizes each workout for every one of her clients.  She studies and learns about the best approach for you and provides so much more than just a workout.  I have recommended Kayla to all of my friends!

Mollie Wine (November 2015):
I was not overweight. I didn’t look like I was unfit. And then, BAM! I turned fifty and weight gain and fitness became an immediate issue. I worked privately with Kayla, and then was strong enough to join her group training. What was initially so challenging and disheartening turned into a slow and predictable lifestyle change that resulted in a desire to to be strong, healthy and defy the effects of aging. I credit Kayla for getting me slowly and carefully onto the right track and finally feeling good again about myself and my body image.

Chana Bemel (November 2015):
I just wanted to say thanks for your help and guidance. After being a devout couch potato for several years, getting up has been – um – challenging. I appreciate your understanding. I’m still a work in progress, but you’ve pushed me enough to show me I can do it and to gain a sense of accomplishment when it’s done. But you’ve also sensitive enough to my limitations not to push me beyond what I am capable of or what is safe. Nor have you ever, EVER, made me feel embarrassed. Not everyone is like that. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. I appreciate you!

Reena Adlerstein (October 2015):
I have been working with Kayla for several months now and she never ceases to amaze me!   The workout is challenging, but she always seems to be able to gauge how much I can do without overdoing it.  She is also extremely careful to protect against any possible injury.  I also don’t end up with the same kind of exhaustion (and boredom) that I used to feel doing endless repetitions of one particular exercise.  And she makes you feel extremely comfortable, even if you don’t know what you’re doing.  She’s just a fabulous trainer—I just wish I could do it every day!!

M.C. McClendon (September 2014):
Working with Kayla has been a joy. She is both challenging and encouraging and makes sure that you get the most out of your workout. I look forward to my workouts with her and always feel invigorated afterwards.

Sylvia Barocas (August 2014):
Kayla is a great trainer! She works very closely on your personal needs. She is very enthusiastic, and really makes you feel good about the workout. I definitely felt a change when working with her!

May H. (May 2013):
Kayla‘s kickboxing and sculpt and tone classes have been my favorites so far.  I love her commentary during class and it make us laugh and the time goes by so fast.  She, too, makes sure she corrects us so we workout properly without hurting ourselves.

Simcha N. (November 2012):
Kayla’s cardio kickboxing class was so different than ones I had attended before. What makes Kayla such a great and unique instructor is that her focus is on her students getting the best and most appropriate workout for them. She is watching the students in the mirror and making sure the class is with her on every step she adds. She makes sure that every student is breaking a sweat and getting the most out of the workout, no matter if you are a beginner or a kickboxing hero by making variations in the steps for the advanced students or simplifying the steps for the beginners. One of the things that really helped me was that she would have us imagine our opponent in front of us and she led us to aim for their face/belly button etc. Not to mention, she has great energy to pump up the class and a good sense of humor. When I left the class, I noticed she stayed overtime to help out a struggling student and I thought that was a very important quality in an instructor.