Stupid Stuff Fat Chicks Do…And Why We LOVE It

How about starve yourself before your wedding in order to fit into your wedding dress?  The New York Times just published an article that seemed to celebrate just that!

Apparently, it can be done any number of ways – Master Cleanse, Feeding Tube, HCG diet.  Basically its restricting your calories to the point where your body uses its own muscle for fuel.

Let’s face it, if you’re eating at a calorie level below which your body needs to simply sustain its essential functions like breathing and sleeping and digesting, its shutting down your metabolism. The body goes into a kind of starvation mode. Then when you stop all that nonsense, the body thinks uh-oh, what if we go into that kind of famine again. Better hang onto some extra fat stores just in case…and while I’m at it, why not just make the whole operation a little slower because you never know when she might starve us again.

So while this article is all chipper about how wonderful this or that gal is gonna look in her dress, they don’t show how every day, shortly after that feeding tube comes out or she eats, say 1200 whopping calories she’s gonna start gaining weight. (For those who don’t know, 1200 calories is pretty low, but still safe.)  Can you imagine dating a woman 159 lbs, marrying her at 120 and then a month after the wedding she’s 140? It could happen.  Is that grounds for annulment?  I mean, who is this person anyway?  Fat, skinny?  Skinny fat (that’s fat by body fat percentage even while looking lean).  Healthy or not?   Maybe the thing the groom’s sure of is that he’s marrying a woman who is willing to actually starve herself for vanity’s sake. Wow, how’s that for for being a top thing to look for in a spouse you hope to grow old with, bear children with and go through all of life’s ups and down’s with?

How about this article …about a woman who ate garbage..and died early.  Really.  This is newsworthy?  All I can say to that is Duh!

So why are we obsessed with hearing about this type of stuff and what makes it so newsworthy?

Basically, America seems in many ways to still be an extension of ancient Greek society, which placed its emphasis on the body. We’re obsessed as a culture with external beauty.  We’re impatient, too.  So we love to hear about the quick fix.  Working hard at the gym and eating real food doesn’t make for sexy journalistic fare.

Oh, and the article about the woman who died of Coca Cola ingestion?  Well, we love that because it allows us to forgive ourselves of our petty indulgences because we relish knowing we’re not as extreme as THAT woman.  We love knowing as bad as our binges can get, they’re still not THAT bad.  Right. Reality check—-they ARE!

No excuses.  Get back to the gym.  Bikini season is around the corner.


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