Survival Strategies for Taming The Halloween Binge Monster Beast

  1. Outta sight, outta mind. Keep those goodies where your hot little hands can’t get them – put them in the freezer, have hubby hide them in the basement, donate them. For the sake of your waistline don’t leave them in a bowl where you can get at them..Just 1-2 pieces of candy (an extra 300-500 calories per day) can put a pound on you in a week if you’re not careful! That’s pretty scary.
  2. Prioritize and sort. #1 rule in dieting = Everything in moderation.  Lay it all out and decide which ones are really important to you – choose those and make a plan for when to eat them (not all in 1 sitting).  Maybe 1 snack size treat can be worked into your calorie allowance once or twice a week…if you compensate with exercise and otherwise clean diet. I like to save my treats for the weekend, sit at the table and eat it slowly and mindfully and royally.  Also dark chocolate has some antioxidant properties so that’s a high priority for fact, I’ll indulge in 70% dark organic chocolate over nearly any other packaged treat. Pretzels, popped corn are also great swaps. Have a taste test with the kids – have a little sampling and decide which aren’t that great and you’re willing to part with..
  3. Bribery! Some dentists even offer a buy-back program. You can trade your kids some of their stash for cash — to go to the toy store or on an outing of their choice…Same for you – reward yourself for your self-control maybe with a new workout outfit.
  4. Chew gum/ brush your teeth while handing out the goods! Its will distract you from putting something more calorie dense and nutrient poor in your mouth!
  5. Lift weights Halloween morning! It will help even out/suppress your blood sugar and help you resist cravings.
  6. Don’t skip dinner…If you’re starving and/or sleep deprived you will find it harder to resist temptation
  7. Read this post from Shape magazine about what’s actually in your Halloween candy:…took my cravings away faster than you can say polybutelatedwhashamakailt.

    Deprivation can set you up for binging. Candy and other less-healthy choices can be worked into an otherwise healthy lifestyle in moderation. Be a role model and have a conversation with your kids about how to incorporate treat foods into their diet appropriately.. It’s a skill that enables you to tame the beast.


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