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ABC’s of Getting Back in the Workout Groove


I’ve eaten so much food over Passover/Easter/My Birthday that I feel so fat and bloated I’m not even sure my workout clothes even fit anymore.

I don’t even want to step foot in the gym if I’m going to look like a fool since I have taken so much time off from working out I probably would be huffing and puffing after the warm-up.

I really should get myself into better shape but I’m so tired at the end of the day.

Sound familiar?

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ll never get in shape again.”

Maybe your exercise plans got derailed by an injury.

Or maybe it was work demands, family schedules, or an emotional trauma like a divorce or death in the family.

Whatever it was, you’ve fallen off the exercise wagon and aren’t sure you’ll ever be motivated or fit enough to jump back on.

This happens to just about everyone. The hardest thing to do after you have stopped exercising is to start again.

Here are some quick ABC tips to help you bust a move:

Accept. Accept that you hit a bump in the road to fitness. Own it and know its only a bump in the road. Its not forever.

Be good to yourself. Don’t expect that you can do everything you could before your setback. Take it one step at a time. Taking on too much is a surefire way to get injured and have yet another setback. Start easy and listen to your body and work at your current fitness level. If you haven’t worked out in a while consider doing half of what you think you can do and if you’re not sore tomorrow, you can try doing a little more. Maybe even ask a trainer how to work around your injury safely or ask a knowledgeable friend how to modify those tough Yoga moves to something you can do.

Commit to something small. Putting your shoes on and driving to the class is the first step. Staying for the first 20 minutes is fantastic. Maybe next week you can stay for 40 minutes. Make that first goal something easy. Go for the low-hanging fruit. Don’t try and run a marathon…just walk out the door and walk for 10 minutes, turn around and come home…today. You will feel good and can build on that success. Make that appointment with a trainer, offer to drive to the gym with a friend and hold yourself accountable.

Do it. The hardest part is getting off our butts – but if I were richer, taller, thinner, smarter, happier…It’s time to stop thinking and start moving. Stop waiting for a brilliant moment of inspiration. It’s not going to get any easier. Just not. You’ll be inspired once you start moving and the endorphins kick in. You’ll be inspired when the music turns on. Maybe not…Just go do it because you know it’s the best thing you can do for your body and your mind.


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