Muscle Soreness / Muscle Pain

(Originally posted January 9, 2012)

So you started your workout plan and you’re feeling proud but your muscles are telling you they want to quit even though you just started. Yesterday it was a bicep curl and today it hurts to lift your toothbrush and you’re losing motivation right out of the gate…First of all, mild sore muscles or mild muscle discomfort is simply a symptom of using your muscles and placing stresses on them that are leading to adaptations to make them stronger and better able to perform the task the next time. As your body adapts, there should be less muscle soreness until you challenge your body in ways its unaccustomed to being challenged. Anyone and everyone from weekend warriors to elite athletes get muscle soreness. On the other hand, a very uncomfortable sharp or intense pain in muscle, joint or bone is different. That’s an unhealthy pain, and not just muscle soreness. If you experience sudden pain, severe pain, swelling, extreme tenderness, extreme weakness in a limb, inability to place weight on a leg or foot, inability to move a joint through its full range of motion, visible dislocation or broken bone, numbness or tingling you should see a healthcare professional right away.

Keep reading the blog this week to learn about the different types of muscle soreness, what to do about it after it happens, and how to best prevent it.


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